Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I'm going to back-track a bit and share some of the hats I made for various folks for Christmas.  We live in New England and in New England, you need a hat!  If you are "friends" with me on Ravelry, all these projects are uploaded and my note on any modifications are there as well.  Feel free to add me (cmm71710)!

I made two of these precious baby hats for friends that are having babies.  So cute!  I really love the flower on this one.  Pattern HERE and on Ravelry.

I also made a hat for our little neighbor.  She loves butterflies, so I figured she'd like a butterfly on her hat.  And she looks adorable in it.  Pattern for the hat HERE and the butterfly HERE.

I also mad the hubs a hat.  It's hard to get him to wear anything I make, but I think he likes this way.  Besides, it's his favorite color.  This pattern is found from the Cozy Crochet Kit and is linked on Ravelry HERE.

Finally, I made this hat for myself.  And then I made about 10 more.  I think they're pretty stylish as far as homemade things go and everyone seems to like them.  Plus you can change the flower and the the colors to make each one different.  Pattern HERE or on Ravelry.

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