Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Sweet Baby Set

I posted about the pinafore I made before, but I'm bringing it up again because this weekend I added buttons to close it and then made a hat and booties to go with it.  I'm really happy with the product and I'm hoping my mom's neighbor likes it.  Here's the set:
You can see close ups of the pinafore HERE.

To go with it I made a shell stitch cloche.  I used this pattern because I thought it matched the style of the pinafore nicely. I'm also digging the sweet little flower.  I think the button adds some extra cuteness.
I wanted to make some baby shoes to go with the set, but didn't want to make the same ones that I made before.  I really wanted to make some Mary Jane style ones, but none of the patterns on Ravelry for those are free and I'm too cheap to pay for a pattern.  So I modified the ones I made before by making them into little shoes that remind me of ballet slippers.  I think they are sweet.


  1. aww! This set is precious! I love the color combo. Everything looks great.

  2. that is adorable! I want to learn to crochet. So far, all I can do is knit squares and rectangles (although i'm pretty decent at that!)