Saturday, March 19, 2011

Crochet Shrug

With some of the yarn I bought from my local yarn shop, I made a shrug.  THIS shrug to be exact.  It's originally supposed to be made from Lion Brand Homespun, but I decided to use something else.  Well, I had a bulky weight yarn in my hand at the yarn shop, but the lady told me that it wouldn't be the right stitch count.  So I listened to her.  I wish I had bought the yarn I originally chose because I ended up have to use the yarn I bought in a double strand, which means I had to go back and buy more when I ran out.  And I couldn't just exchange the stuff I bought because it was on sale.  That was sort of aggrivating.

But anyway, in the end it looks ok.  It's comfortable, but it's pretty heavy.  As you can see, I ditched the ruffle.  It was just too much for my taste.  I think if  I make it again, I'll just make it in Homespun and do the ruffle.  I opted for an even double crochet all the way around.  I do love the color and the yarn, which I would use again, but not for this type of project.

Who knows, I may frog this and make something else out of the yarn when I get sick of it.  And that is the beauty of homemade garments.  I will say that the pattern was very easy, as was the construction (which is why I have no qualms about ripping it out).  It really works up very quickly.  I'm still working on the other sweater, which I will be sure to share when I'm done.

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