Thursday, February 24, 2011

Caching Up - Part 1

I got really sidetracked on my scrapbooks before the wedding.  Really sidetracked.  We got married in July of 2010.  I had pictures from February of 2009.  Oops.  Now that I'm done my wedding book and I've gotten my honeymoon scrapped, I've gotten all caught up!  This is part 1 of 3 to show you what I've been working on.
The layouts in this post are in an 8x8 album.
This layout is from a race in 2009:
 A friend's wedding in June of 2009.  I was the Maid of Honor.
 Our vacation to Indianapolis to visit some of the hubs family in July of 2009.
 This spread is from a day trip to Boston in the summer of 2009.
 And finally, a layout from my first triathlon.
 Up next: 2010 pre-wedding layouts!

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