Thursday, February 10, 2011

Slipper Socks

A friend of mine saw some baby booties I made for a neighbor and commented how his grandma used to make him knit slippers for Christmas every year that he loved.  Apparently she doesn't make them any more and he's pretty much worn through his last pair.  I joked that I could make him some new ones.  I don't think he actually thought that I'd make them.  But I did.  Here they are:
They're kind of goofy looking when they're not on someone's feet.  My husband laughed so hard when he saw them.  He couldn't believe that I was actually giving them to someone.  And you know what?  My friend loved them.  He said that the were even better than the ones his grandma used to make.  And that is the best thing about making stuff for other people.

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